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Another 48 hour film.

I have been participating in the 48 hour films festival for about 12 years now. I have had my success, working on these films is great learning experience. In this short amount of time I have learned a lot about film making.

My take away from it this year.

1. Longer takes are always better. (unless its a style chose)

2. Rewrite, rewrite, and rewrite the script. Maybe do a group write, then have someone build on the structure then, rewrite that.

3. Don't use green screen, unless really needed. Green screen is a pain, and takes away from editing.

4. Make sure everyone understand the overall goal. In the past I have had teammates that I would call cancer. They want to be the center of the project instead of the film, or they think they know more then everyone else, and try to be helpful.

5. Know your limitations.

6. As I directed it, the film is a bit uneven. I understand more about making things more even. (lots of 48 films suffer from being uneven. They go from slap stick to serious)

Anyway I get better each year as a film maker, and its great break from commercial work.

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